Star Trek: 31 Pickup

Episode 3

let's raise the bar and our cups to the stars

Previously on Star Trek: 31 Pickup…

Team Rebel Priscilla accepted a mission to retrieve ‘Isik’ from the notorious space pirate, Jilhari. They landed on the planet Draylon, a rusty colored, but tropical place, with ground as tough as stone. The local city, Zenith, was carved out by some long passed away race, and now home to a mix of castoffs from various species. During the course of finding the Isik, which turned out to be the Ferengi’s pet Ba’ku Rhyl, the team also stopped a terrorist plot against the space pirates. Because of this brave action, Jilhari offered the crew of the Rebel Priscilla a trade: the Isik in exchange for Amry’s current location.

And now: ….one solar day later, the team is called back to Jilhari’s palace to give their answer.

Talloc Ral, the right hand Betazoid in the space pirate gang, was sent to escort team Rebel Priscilla to the palace. He seemed reluctant however, and took them on a circuitous route through the back alleys of the city. A maze like configuration of buildings that was easy to become lost in (or just as easily used to lose an unwanted shadow?).

When they arrived to give Jilhari her answer, Talloc seemed uncomfortable with the obsessive nature that the pirate Queen portrayed. The team agreed to give up Amry for the Isik. They wanted to know why he was so important to Jilhari though, and her answer was that Amry was her missing husband.

Yeah, that’s right. Husband.

Upon gaining the information of where Amry was going to be, she then attempted to hire the team as additional resources in her mission to reclaim him.

The Major turned down Jilhari’s job offer, but that only triggered the wrathful Orion into a rage. She pulled her phaser out at the Major and lashed out at Talloc when he attempted to telepathically subdue her. The Major was more successful with her empathetic influence, but even that wasn’t enough to quell Jilhari’s primal anger for long. The quick reactions of pilot Penelope Rush proved handy in shooting the pirate’s phaser from her hand. And the intervention of Dejar slowed Jilhari down long enough for the women to escape. Unfortunately, the angry Orion’s reach extended down into all of her gray skinned kin.

The minds of the gray Orion’s were overpowered by Jilhari’s influence and they became unthinking tools chasing team Rebel Priscilla through the winding back streets of Zenith. Even those that had been friendly before (Seb) were suddenly slaves to the whims of their presumed protector. With orders to go after Priscilla’s crew.

But the crew was not so easy to beat. They made it to their ship and blasted off without injury, and with their original prize, the Isik. (tossed to them by Dejar, back in the palace, and baring one brief misplacement in the streets)

Out of the atmosphere and into the fire… or the weapons fire of the USS Faraday.

Priscilla’s shields took a few hits as the large Federation starship attempted to knock them out and reel them in. Having tracked the team down (from the security footage of the USS Mikhail Kornienko), Captain Lyn Chi Kim faced his errant prisoners and commanded them to surrender. But the industrious engineer, Fierri Nyx, worked her technological magics and improved their own weapons enough to allow for a direct hit to the Faraday’s tractor beam. Which allowed them a window to warp!

Major Annella’s parting words to Captain Kim were polite but firm. They were innocent. They would never surrender. Of course.

Through some quick managing of the ship’s resources, Major Annella, Penelope, and Fierri warped their way past Draylon and away from the Faraday. Fast as she was, the Rebel Priscilla’s warp stability could only hold for so long however, the team emerged somewhere in the Argolis Cluster.

Finally they have a moment to recoup from the action.



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