Star Trek: 31 Pickup

Post Episode 3: Interlude

subspace message from Annella

Hello, Amry. I am sure you’re enjoying your stay on New France. We have retrieved the Isik after some minor delay and have no desire to turn it over to our Ferengi contact. Your wife says hello, my friend, and eagerly wishes to see you. As does your sickly son.

No amount of money is worth the situation you placed my crew in, Amry. I wonder if that wasn’t your intention the entire time. With us gone, you are freer than you have ever been and only have to worry about yourself. It is interesting to me that the USS Faraday found us in time for our departure from Draylon when there is only one being with the knowledge of who we are and where we were hiding and that person is you.

My condolences should you not leave planet before your poor choices catch up to you.



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