Star Trek: 31 Pickup

Post Episode 1: Interlude
subspace message from Amry

I hope this finds you well, Annella. Not too well however, if, as you humans believe, that karma should return upon us all in turn. After the events of Risa it would be false diplomacy to pretend anything other than the barest of courtesy. However time is always of the essence. Allow me to move beyond these petty squabbles.

The purpose of this missive is to forward to you an opportunity of employment. The job waiting for you and your team of [error: data corruption] is a rescue opperation.

Tash the Thrifty, a Ferengi merchant on the planet Draygo, is at a loss without his [error: data corruption]. Apparently the notorious Orion Spacepirate, Jilhari… yes, that Jilhari… abducted Isik and then retreated to her stronghold on the sister planet Draylon. You will simply have to use your considerable resources to locate and infiltrate that base.

Enclosed are the coordinates to both planets Draygo and Draylon. Again I say, time is of the essence.

Good luck to you,

Episode 1
raid on the USS Mikhail Kornienko

(prologue, character creation)


Starbase 211, a free floating, deep space pit stop, just outside the edge of the boarder to the Cardassian Union. This was where our troublesome trio began their adventure into the lives of fugitives. On the run from Federation police and Section 31 itself, it was up to the three women to survive and thrive on their own cleverness and resources.

Major Annella Winters, a beautiful half Betazoid, was the highest rank left of the special ops team. Once a part of the shadow of Starfleet, Section 31. The Major was left with just two remaining crewmates.

Lieutenants Nyx and Rush.

Fierri Nyx, the Trill super Engineer, with a penchant for hard hitting and quick thinking. And the young and impulsive hot-shot pilot, Penelope Rush.

Unfortunately, they were all sort on the material part of that financial equation. Though they had, with luck and a few favors from an old friend, obtained a ship fast enough to get them out to the boarders of space… The Rebel Priscilla… that lovely ship was in serious need of upgrading. And fuel. In the form of stabilized dilithium crystals. It was the young pilot’s idea, as Penelope surveyed their docking port’s security, and determined that only one tired looking ensign guarded the next ship over, her proposal was to sneak into the Federation vessel and take what they needed.

Why not. If they were going to be accused of these crimes against the Federation, they might as well commit some.

Unlike the old days of command hierarchy, the Major put this up to a vote. Everyone was in, and the methods of sneaking was to be spacejump from the Rebel Priscilla’s maintenance hatch towards a similar section of the USS Mikhial Kornienko’s hull. A combined effort of construction, cobbled together three makeshift propulsion devices that would allow the team to control their motion in space. Only Lieutenant Rush’s device went awry of the path.

Fast thinking and fast reactions moved the Major to save her errant crew.

Minor crisis resolved, the team entered the USS Mikhail Kornienko after Fierri Nyx easily bypassed security on an outer hatch. Once inside the familiar surroundings of a Federation ship, they could easily locate uniforms to disguise them as officers, and locate the shuttle bay where they were determined to stash their EV’s suits and nick a shuttle as their own. There was even enough time for the Major to hack into a nearby console and retrieve the encrypted subspace message that was hidden by the team’s ally, Amry the Orion. Though not enough time to decrypt and read the message in the middle of a mission.

Inside the white rooms of the USS Mikhail Kornienko, the team took care to move disguised as Starfleet Officers. They knew these routines, after all.

Expecting to encounter some form of security (though this was Starfleet, the three women had a private laugh amongst themselves) they were not disappointed when entering the Shuttle bay review only two lowly Officers watching over this wide room. One was obviously more dutiful than the other, sporting a standard issue PADD and taking care to walk down the checklist of his assignment. The other officer, a blond Lieutenant, smiled brightly at the unexpected company. He seemed in need of a conversation and with friendly eyes, he went to meet the group of ‘new crewmembers’.

Lt. Gerst, as he introduced himself, was only to happy to chat with the Major. Apparently dark eyes, and long hair was exactly his cup of tea.

In the meantime. Fierri and Penelope were left stashing the EV suits. The more regulatory officer did attempt to intercept them, and attempted to check on their credentials, only to find himself getting punched out by the dynamic duo. What made for a fantastic comedy sketch to the Major as she smoothly kept the young officer’s attention, and then convinced him to take her on a tour of the lower decks.

Through the convenience of fate, the team wound their way into the Main Engineering room, and managed to spot those stable dilithium crystals that they needed. It was time for the second bamboozel. This time, Fierri Nyx taking center stage as she technobabbled and shop talked the skeleton Engineering crew, as the rest of the team made short work sneaking those crystals out from some secondary system controls.

The lonely Lt. Gerst did attempt to make a date with the Major, but her talk of putting work first inspired him to return to his station in the Shuttle Bay. It was only after the team had an armful of stolen goods between them, that they realized their rouse was going to come to a swift end. The moment that Gerst discovered his crewmember’s knocked out form, he raised the alarm.

Sliding into view of Gerst and his unlucky companion, Fierri managed a quick shot out with her phaser, hitting the blond Lieutenant and causing his friend to fall back onto him. The team then dashed into their souvenir shuttle and made a dramatic escape, skirting out of the closing doors of the shuttle bay just in the nick of time.

Back on the Rebel Priscilla, the Major began to decode their encrypted message. What would their Orion contact have in store for them next?

…hopefully a job as fun as this one.

Character Creation



Merrierblue as
Major Annella Winters (human/betazoid, command )

Rooksie as
Lieutenant Fierri Nyx ( trill, engineering )

Flyawayblackbird as
Lieutenant Penelope Rush ( human, pilot )


- use of the army rank in this campaign is meant to differentiate between Starfleet and Section 31. Naval ranks and Army ranks respectively. this is a GM headcanon tool and not a reflection of any Star Trek official universe information.

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