Star Trek: 31 Pickup

Character Creation



Merrierblue as
Major Annella Winters (human/betazoid, command )

Rooksie as
Lieutenant Fierri Nyx ( trill, engineering )

Flyawayblackbird as
Lieutenant Penelope Rush ( human, pilot )


- use of the army rank in this campaign is meant to differentiate between Starfleet and Section 31. Naval ranks and Army ranks respectively. this is a GM headcanon tool and not a reflection of any Star Trek official universe information.

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Episode 1
raid on the USS Mikhail Kornienko

(prologue, character creation)


Starbase 211, a free floating, deep space pit stop, just outside the edge of the boarder to the Cardassian Union. This was where our troublesome trio began their adventure into the lives of fugitives. On the run from Federation police and Section 31 itself, it was up to the three women to survive and thrive on their own cleverness and resources.

Major Annella Winters, a beautiful half Betazoid, was the highest rank left of the special ops team. Once a part of the shadow of Starfleet, Section 31. The Major was left with just two remaining crewmates.

Lieutenants Nyx and Rush.

Fierri Nyx, the Trill super Engineer, with a penchant for hard hitting and quick thinking. And the young and impulsive hot-shot pilot, Penelope Rush.

Unfortunately, they were all sort on the material part of that financial equation. Though they had, with luck and a few favors from an old friend, obtained a ship fast enough to get them out to the boarders of space… The Rebel Priscilla… that lovely ship was in serious need of upgrading. And fuel. In the form of stabilized dilithium crystals. It was the young pilot’s idea, as Penelope surveyed their docking port’s security, and determined that only one tired looking ensign guarded the next ship over, her proposal was to sneak into the Federation vessel and take what they needed.

Why not. If they were going to be accused of these crimes against the Federation, they might as well commit some.

Unlike the old days of command hierarchy, the Major put this up to a vote. Everyone was in, and the methods of sneaking was to be spacejump from the Rebel Priscilla’s maintenance hatch towards a similar section of the USS Mikhial Kornienko’s hull. A combined effort of construction, cobbled together three makeshift propulsion devices that would allow the team to control their motion in space. Only Lieutenant Rush’s device went awry of the path.

Fast thinking and fast reactions moved the Major to save her errant crew.

Minor crisis resolved, the team entered the USS Mikhail Kornienko after Fierri Nyx easily bypassed security on an outer hatch. Once inside the familiar surroundings of a Federation ship, they could easily locate uniforms to disguise them as officers, and locate the shuttle bay where they were determined to stash their EV’s suits and nick a shuttle as their own. There was even enough time for the Major to hack into a nearby console and retrieve the encrypted subspace message that was hidden by the team’s ally, Amry the Orion. Though not enough time to decrypt and read the message in the middle of a mission.

Inside the white rooms of the USS Mikhail Kornienko, the team took care to move disguised as Starfleet Officers. They knew these routines, after all.

Expecting to encounter some form of security (though this was Starfleet, the three women had a private laugh amongst themselves) they were not disappointed when entering the Shuttle bay review only two lowly Officers watching over this wide room. One was obviously more dutiful than the other, sporting a standard issue PADD and taking care to walk down the checklist of his assignment. The other officer, a blond Lieutenant, smiled brightly at the unexpected company. He seemed in need of a conversation and with friendly eyes, he went to meet the group of ‘new crewmembers’.

Lt. Gerst, as he introduced himself, was only to happy to chat with the Major. Apparently dark eyes, and long hair was exactly his cup of tea.

In the meantime. Fierri and Penelope were left stashing the EV suits. The more regulatory officer did attempt to intercept them, and attempted to check on their credentials, only to find himself getting punched out by the dynamic duo. What made for a fantastic comedy sketch to the Major as she smoothly kept the young officer’s attention, and then convinced him to take her on a tour of the lower decks.

Through the convenience of fate, the team wound their way into the Main Engineering room, and managed to spot those stable dilithium crystals that they needed. It was time for the second bamboozel. This time, Fierri Nyx taking center stage as she technobabbled and shop talked the skeleton Engineering crew, as the rest of the team made short work sneaking those crystals out from some secondary system controls.

The lonely Lt. Gerst did attempt to make a date with the Major, but her talk of putting work first inspired him to return to his station in the Shuttle Bay. It was only after the team had an armful of stolen goods between them, that they realized their rouse was going to come to a swift end. The moment that Gerst discovered his crewmember’s knocked out form, he raised the alarm.

Sliding into view of Gerst and his unlucky companion, Fierri managed a quick shot out with her phaser, hitting the blond Lieutenant and causing his friend to fall back onto him. The team then dashed into their souvenir shuttle and made a dramatic escape, skirting out of the closing doors of the shuttle bay just in the nick of time.

Back on the Rebel Priscilla, the Major began to decode their encrypted message. What would their Orion contact have in store for them next?

…hopefully a job as fun as this one.

Post Episode 1: Interlude
subspace message from Amry

I hope this finds you well, Annella. Not too well however, if, as you humans believe, that karma should return upon us all in turn. After the events of Risa it would be false diplomacy to pretend anything other than the barest of courtesy. However time is always of the essence. Allow me to move beyond these petty squabbles.

The purpose of this missive is to forward to you an opportunity of employment. The job waiting for you and your team of [error: data corruption] is a rescue opperation.

Tash the Thrifty, a Ferengi merchant on the planet Draygo, is at a loss without his [error: data corruption]. Apparently the notorious Orion Spacepirate, Jilhari… yes, that Jilhari… abducted Isik and then retreated to her stronghold on the sister planet Draylon. You will simply have to use your considerable resources to locate and infiltrate that base.

Enclosed are the coordinates to both planets Draygo and Draylon. Again I say, time is of the essence.

Good luck to you,

Episode 2
More often than not, it's hotter than hot.


After decoding the encrypted message from their Orion contact within the Federation, Amry, the Rebel Priscilla turns her sights on the planet Draylon, home of the notorious space pirate, Jilhari. The crew of now-mercenaries are tasked with retrieving Isik, a thing unknown to them due to data corruption within the mission file, for Ferengi merchant Tash the Thrifty.

From there, our mission begins with a bang…

The bang of Rebel Priscilla’s hull against the dense terrain of the planet. Perhaps it was a fault in the Harmony-class ship, something ‘special’ that its cock-sure pilot hadn’t quite gotten used to dealing with. Perhaps the aforementioned pilot was simply being cock-sure, despite the physical lack of the aforementioned appendage. In any case, no one stays seated. Fortunately, everyone seems to have survived.

A fact which Chief Engineer Nyx celebrates by surging out of the depths and slapping Helmsman Rush across the face. Not one to take a hit lying down, Penelope throws herself into a squabble with Fierri, leaving Major Annella Winters to do some quick damage control of her own. Using her considerable empathic powers granted to her by her Betazoid lineage, she is successfully able to quell the bickering women and focus them back on the task at hand. The door to the ship is opened after confirming the atmosphere suitable for breathing and Annella and Penelope peer out.

The environment is hot, humid, and rocky. Spires in the distance indicate civilization, carved from the natural rocks rather than built between. In the distance, an ivory tower acts as both beacon and sentinel. Zenith. Mixed cultures make their way through the streets – they seem strangely despondent.

There is one man who looks over the crowd, smiling widely. As they make their way through the oppressive heat, the group tries to avoid him, but he has already been attracted by the pilot and the engineer’s continued, if softer, contention one another. He approaches and introduces himself as Benaren. Annella attempts to discern his intentions with her empathy, but she has either been fatigued by the journey or he is of a race that can block her probing.

They talk and Benaren is a total skeeve, as silently (and maybe a bit verbally) agreed by all. Still, he does seem to be well-traveled and knowledgeable enough of their surroundings. As it happens, the team has landed on the eve of a celebration that Jilhari is throwing… well, perhaps not so surprising. She is an Orion. The women make some noise about wanting to join the party, and Benaren ushers them towards his ship, offering them goods and a change of clothes (what’s wrong with our clothes???) supposedly in order to secure himself a lovely entourage. Annella is surprised to find a relic from her colony, a music box. Fierri spies just the part she needs to make a fix to their ship. Penelope procures a springball, after dumping aside a nice sweater.

They change into desert robes, and no sooner than that, hear a gong in the distance – the festivities have begun. Fortunately, all have forgotten the initial idea involving green paint somewhere along the line.

Joining Benaren up to the ivory palace, the crew encounters a small opposition from a Cardassian guard. Annella gives her weapon freely, Fierri tries and fails to smuggle hers in, and Penelope succeeds in hiding hers in the midsts of that distraction. Once inside, the women observe a lavish affair: a buffet and a wide array of party-goers intermingling. Among them are grey Orions, which Annella informs the crew to be of a significantly lesser rank among their kind, especially those that are green. Strangely, that pariah status does not seem to be in effect in Jilhari’s palace. Among them, the Major also notices the presence of another Betazoid, one which seems to be directing the servants of the palace.

They totally need more info, so the group takes three different strategies to try and get it. Penelope hip-hop dances her way into someone’s good graces. Fierri drinks (great ‘strategy’, girl). Annella looks for the other Betazoid.

Hip-hop dancing leads to a strange encounter with Ghatt, a large reptilian dude who seems to walk on the wild side. Ghatt leads Penelope out to the courtyard (followed by Firerri) and ambushes two grey Orion guards- drawing Lt Rush and Lt Nyx into his covert agenda. Eventually, the Major meets up with her missing crew, and the group spys upon a young Orion boy also in the courtyard. When Ghatt tries to leap at the boy (attempting to steal the Isik) the child reacts fearfully and time stops.

The boy and the Ba’ku Rhyl (named Isik) run off back towards the Palace and the Major chases after them while Fierri and Penelope strong arm some answers out of Ghatt.

He explains that the mission to reclaim the Isik is important and time sensitive, because the palace is going to blow up! Working for Benaren, or with him, this is just a shade unclear, but one this is for certain; This disturbing news prompts the duo to reunite with their Major and they let Ghatt go.

Back in the Palace, Annella and the child, Artros, have reached a place of relative safety (and in the protection of the Cardassian Head Guard, Dejar) There is little risk to them. The same can’t be said of the crowd of party goers and the Space Pirate Jilhari herself. Who has begun to accept gifts.

While Fierri and Penelope make their way through the main hall, they spot Benaren among the line of gift givers and they debate whether the safety of ‘innocent’ people is worth risking their own life at Jilhari’s hands. Coming to the conclusion that they cannot just let these people die, Rush and Nyx intervene and call Benaren out as the terrorist he is. They also inform the Major that Artros’ mother is looking for him and she returns with the child.

The price for Benaren’s efforts is swift justice, in the form of Jilhari’s sword.

Curious, and a little suspicious about these strangers, the space pirate queen questions Major Winters. She knows that they are working for Tash based on their purpose for being in Zenith, she also suspects that they are more than they seem. (So how exactly does Jilhari know the team??) The Pirate poses an ultimatum to the crew. Give her information that will lead to capture of Amry and they can take Isik as trade.

They have one solar day to decide.

Post Episode 2: Interlude (part 1)
Team Chat

Fierri, after taking her fill of delicious spicy food and whatever jungle juice the party procured, decides her first priority is to return to the Rebel Priscilla and perform repairs on the ship with the spare part she conveniently found in Benaren’s shop.

Speaking of:

“Hey girls, I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll sleep better on my own damn ship. I mean sure, I bet Jilhari doesn’t have a thread count under 300 but…” A soft, deep chuckle, almost a cluck from the back of the throat, “I’m not used to comfortable.”

I don’t trust it, and I’m sure as hell not going to start now.

“Thinking about checking out B-fuckhim’s shuttle on my way out. Waste not want not, right?”

Penelope, after eating a low amount of spicy food (because she loves it, but boy are peppers too spicy even for her adventure-seeking mouth), will go off looking for servants, villagers, really any handsome young men she thinks might tell her more about their resident space pirate and buy her some food in exchange for her company.

Whether or not she returns to the ship for sleeping that night depends on whether or not she’s found a more … um … cuddly place to sleep instead. Yeah, let’s go with “cuddly.”

“Ladies, don’t wait up. I’ll be coming back … uh … late.”

Tomorrow morning counts as late tonight, right? Why wouldn’t it?

“Try not to get into more of a mess than I can fix, Rush, yeah?” Fierri is technically the field medic, but you’d be better off trusting her with engine patchwork. “Some fires can be put out. Some burning sensations are for life.”

You can hear the lazy curl of lip, the almost wolfish flash of teeth, in her tone.

Penelope laughs and you can hear her throwing her head back just a smudge, from the other end of the communicator.

“You know me Nyx. I only pick the planes with the highest thrust.” She lets the thhhhh sound drag between her tongue and her teeth, before ending the worst with a clean and crisp sst.

You’re gross, Penelope. Nyx grunts a laugh anyway.

“Yeah, alright, but evidently you’ve also got a landing skill liable to kill us all—”

“— killer landing skill —” Penelope interjects.

“You pull that shit again, you’d better kill us—” Fierri’s tone takes on a bit more teeth. It’s hard to tell whether or not she means it.

“Engineering makes a nice shock absorber for the bridge you know. Since it’s on the lower level.”

“And good luck to you when it comes around to getting off the ground again, bitch.” Cheerfully, though. “Major, are you just waiting for an invitation or…?”

Are we good to go here?

Moments like this? Make Annella regret every life choice she has ever made. Every single choice. Headache the size of the Milky Way, that’s what she’s got and a frustrating puzzle with no good answers.

“I want you both back on the ship in eight hours.” Alone, Rush. Don’t bring back the leftovers.

“Got it. Over and out.”

“Aye aye, Captain.”

Post Episode 2: Interlude (part 2)
Fierri and Dejar

After filling up her own fuel tank, Fierri’s first concern is for the Rebel Priscilla. Armed with the phaser that Penelope tossed her, she makes her way through Zenith and out into the rocky terrain where they last left the ship lying. Considering the atmosphere, the journey may be slow-going even if the sun may have passed. For a brief time, she has the communicator to distract her.

Assuming no one gets in her way, she’ll be doing a security check to make sure no one is skulking around or has tried to break in since their departure. After that, she plans on leaving her newly acquired spare part in the ship and fetching a flashlight (or the future version thereof) to check out the damage on her ship once again, this time to try determining how long she’ll be up putting in the repairs. The Major gave them eight hours of ‘free’ time before they were to meet up inside – she’d kind of like to sneak some sleep in there if she can.

The nights on Draylon are as cold as the days are hot. Not really the preferred temperature for Cardassians in general, but at least the bright sunlight has long since passed and that leaves Dejar willing to wander. She is waiting for the crew to return. Not exactly skulking in the shadows, since her height and width are difficult to miss, but lingering more in the shadows than not.

The head of Jilhari’s security grunts a greeting and tosses a heavy bag at the short engineer. It’s full of weapons. Not exactly the phasers that were checked in at the gate earlier, but a comparable replacement, as a gesture.

Hard to sneak around when you’re a big bitch like that. When Fierri first sees her, a hand touches her phaser before first, she realizes what and who it is, and second, she decides Jilhari’s bouncer probably isn’t here to kill her. Not her style, Fierri thinks, not after seeing the space pirate run that Benarbastard through in front of everyone. She clearly doesn’t mind an audience – hell, maybe she enjoys putting on a show. In any case, she had both.

Makes her wonder.

The Trill’s hand snaps up from her phaser to catch the bundle instead. She doesn’t open it, but gets a feel for its contents in the dark. Ranged weapons usually end up having the same shape no matter who makes them. Fierri doesn’t say thanks, she says:

“I’ve never met a Cardassian before. The headgear kind of reminds me of Klingons.” I fucking hate Klingons. A slight tilt of her head. “I’ve heard they’re pretty clever, though. Good conversationalists.”

They must have broke the mold when they made you, big girl. Or did they?

The expression is mirrored at the mention of Klingons, the last war the Cardassian Union fought was against the infamously crainial ridged species. But it’s another long moment before Dejar acknowledges verbally. “You might have heard that we’re civilized too.” One of those rumors was more or less truthful. Most Cardassian’s did have a way with turning a phrase. They considered intelligence a primary priority in raising their young.

“That doesn’t count for much here.”

And Dejar didn’t seem to have a problem with that.

In spite of her generally stoic personality, there is a brief flash of curiosity when she glanced over to the hull of the Rebel Priscilla. Assessing the damage, and more than likely, trying to figure out if it was equipped with offensive measures. (yes, but not obviously so)

You checking out her girl, Cardassian?

“Pretty impressive spread for a bunch of barbarians.” And not a fighting pit in sight, unless you wanted to count some of the more frantic types of dancing. She didn’t. “As feudalism goes, you could probably do worse.”

Dejar doesn’t argue with that assessment of Jilhari at least. The loyalty is a forceful thing, probably the same could been seen between the relationships of the Major and her girls.

“She’s a good boss.” But not a perfect one, the Cardassian hesitates slightly as if thinking, and overthinking what should be said.

“Better than working for Tash.”

“Tash had a job for us to do,” Fierri reveals, honest and unconcerned. She doesn’t shrug, but it’s in her tone. Her crew? They’re mercenaries now, for better or worse. They go where the money lies, where that offer is sweetest. They’re in the market, perhaps, to be convinced.

“Listen, I need to start up some repairs, and I’m gonna crank her on for a bit. You wanna stick around and pick up some heat, you’re welcome to it.”

That said, Fierri heads up into the ship. Assuming she doesn’t have an uninvited follower, she’ll essentially be putting her ship in park, letting it somewhat quietly purr away until she comes out with her equipment. If Dejar’s still around, Fierri will indeed gesture for the Cardassian to join her. The Trill seems much more at ease with her equipment box, even if she’s now got a phaser strapped to her waist.

The idea seems to tempt Dejar inwardly, a silent hulking shadow that fills up quite a bit of the Rebel Priscilla’s limited space. No stranger to tinkering, it seems, Dejar offers an extra pair of hands to pass tools and hold equipment like a lost packmule. The silence seems comfortable for a while. Until the Cardassian once again breaks it.

“Do you know what Vulcans and Orions have in common?” It isn’t the start of a bad joke. Though it could be.

“They don’t run on iron blood.” Unlike the majority of humanoids.

After dropping this bit of general observation, Dejar stands and begins to head out of the ship. Leaving one last parting comment. “We’re going to find him.”

No matter what, was the implication.

Episode 3
let's raise the bar and our cups to the stars

Previously on Star Trek: 31 Pickup…

Team Rebel Priscilla accepted a mission to retrieve ‘Isik’ from the notorious space pirate, Jilhari. They landed on the planet Draylon, a rusty colored, but tropical place, with ground as tough as stone. The local city, Zenith, was carved out by some long passed away race, and now home to a mix of castoffs from various species. During the course of finding the Isik, which turned out to be the Ferengi’s pet Ba’ku Rhyl, the team also stopped a terrorist plot against the space pirates. Because of this brave action, Jilhari offered the crew of the Rebel Priscilla a trade: the Isik in exchange for Amry’s current location.

And now: ….one solar day later, the team is called back to Jilhari’s palace to give their answer.

Talloc Ral, the right hand Betazoid in the space pirate gang, was sent to escort team Rebel Priscilla to the palace. He seemed reluctant however, and took them on a circuitous route through the back alleys of the city. A maze like configuration of buildings that was easy to become lost in (or just as easily used to lose an unwanted shadow?).

When they arrived to give Jilhari her answer, Talloc seemed uncomfortable with the obsessive nature that the pirate Queen portrayed. The team agreed to give up Amry for the Isik. They wanted to know why he was so important to Jilhari though, and her answer was that Amry was her missing husband.

Yeah, that’s right. Husband.

Upon gaining the information of where Amry was going to be, she then attempted to hire the team as additional resources in her mission to reclaim him.

The Major turned down Jilhari’s job offer, but that only triggered the wrathful Orion into a rage. She pulled her phaser out at the Major and lashed out at Talloc when he attempted to telepathically subdue her. The Major was more successful with her empathetic influence, but even that wasn’t enough to quell Jilhari’s primal anger for long. The quick reactions of pilot Penelope Rush proved handy in shooting the pirate’s phaser from her hand. And the intervention of Dejar slowed Jilhari down long enough for the women to escape. Unfortunately, the angry Orion’s reach extended down into all of her gray skinned kin.

The minds of the gray Orion’s were overpowered by Jilhari’s influence and they became unthinking tools chasing team Rebel Priscilla through the winding back streets of Zenith. Even those that had been friendly before (Seb) were suddenly slaves to the whims of their presumed protector. With orders to go after Priscilla’s crew.

But the crew was not so easy to beat. They made it to their ship and blasted off without injury, and with their original prize, the Isik. (tossed to them by Dejar, back in the palace, and baring one brief misplacement in the streets)

Out of the atmosphere and into the fire… or the weapons fire of the USS Faraday.

Priscilla’s shields took a few hits as the large Federation starship attempted to knock them out and reel them in. Having tracked the team down (from the security footage of the USS Mikhail Kornienko), Captain Lyn Chi Kim faced his errant prisoners and commanded them to surrender. But the industrious engineer, Fierri Nyx, worked her technological magics and improved their own weapons enough to allow for a direct hit to the Faraday’s tractor beam. Which allowed them a window to warp!

Major Annella’s parting words to Captain Kim were polite but firm. They were innocent. They would never surrender. Of course.

Through some quick managing of the ship’s resources, Major Annella, Penelope, and Fierri warped their way past Draylon and away from the Faraday. Fast as she was, the Rebel Priscilla’s warp stability could only hold for so long however, the team emerged somewhere in the Argolis Cluster.

Finally they have a moment to recoup from the action.

Post Episode 3: Interlude
subspace message from Annella

Hello, Amry. I am sure you’re enjoying your stay on New France. We have retrieved the Isik after some minor delay and have no desire to turn it over to our Ferengi contact. Your wife says hello, my friend, and eagerly wishes to see you. As does your sickly son.

No amount of money is worth the situation you placed my crew in, Amry. I wonder if that wasn’t your intention the entire time. With us gone, you are freer than you have ever been and only have to worry about yourself. It is interesting to me that the USS Faraday found us in time for our departure from Draylon when there is only one being with the knowledge of who we are and where we were hiding and that person is you.

My condolences should you not leave planet before your poor choices catch up to you.

Episode 4
what breaks the looking glass


“How puzzling all these changes are! I’m never sure what I’m going to be, from one minute to another.”
― Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

A sharp headache prompts the Pilot of the Rebel Priscilla to wake up from an unnatural sleep. Gone are the familiar consoles of the ship’s bridge. Instead, cold stone and darkness of the kind that can only be found deep underground are her companions. Her clothes too. Not a uniform, and not the assembled fashion of a fugitive, but instead, a springball outfit?

The confusion lasts even as the curses from the Chief Engineer are heard in the distance. At least Penelope isn’t alone in this strange abduction. Fierri is sporting a worker’s uniform, something that reflects their location all too accurately. A mining outfit crafted as if from memory. But they are still short one very important team member…

The Major is in a sundress.

Woken up closer to a set of underground train tracks, the winsome music of her music box accompanies her steps until Annella is reunited with her crew (with moments of blind groping). There are no explanations to be found in the darkness of the mining tunnels, but luckily at least one of them knows where to look for a lamp. It’s anyone’s guess as to which way they should go, that is, until a bouncing springball falls into their path and self propels down one end of the tunnel. The only clues of what lay ahead are given by a quick empathic check from the Major. What she feels shocks her, and she is unable to trust her senses. (Her father, Michael Winters, can’t possibly be down those tunnels, can he?)

Even though Major Annella is reluctant, curiosity got the better of the crew and they followed the enigmatic sign deeper in.

Another song soon fills the echoing air of the tunnel, a worker’s song. A trill woman, deep into some task, fiddling with tools, she sings as the team approaches. When Fierri’s voice joins the old, remembered tune, the other woman looks up. It is Asarri Pren. The person that Lt Nyx calls ‘sister’. This sweet reunion is more than a little suspect. When Asarri’s touch chills and saps energy, the phantom woman fades back into memory, but leaving a parting phrase to Fierri behind. “I can take care of myself, but who will look out for you?”

The answer to that question is obvious in the company of her team. But the encounter still leaves the Engineer visibly shaken. They continue on the path of the tracks until they come upon an empty box car, presumably for transporting workers from one location in the mines to another. The team initially walks by this carrier. Intent to travel by their own steam, but the magnetically run mantrip has other plans. It begins to travel after the team, chasing them down in the narrowness of the tunnel. Only Penelope’s quick thinking and quicker jumping into the trolley result in a safe ending. Bringing the box car to a temporary stop, the Major and Fierri can climb aboard.

The moment of safety doesn’t last long. The trolley switches into high speed when all of it’s passengers have settled in. Taking the team into a roller coaster ride, complete with sudden stop. Dumping them out onto the cold ground once more, but this time, they wake up in a grassy garden. Annella’s childhood memories assault her as she recognizes this place. While this is not readily apparent to her crew, they will puzzle out that this is a shared memory.

On the ground nearby lies an old, familiar tool of their trade – a torture device that agonizes but doesn’t kill the victim. As the only one not yet affected by their ordeal, Penelope begins yelling and demanding that the mysterious force show itself to them. Seeing a flash of white, she takes off into the garden. The farther she goes, the more it grows, rising up impossibly around her and making her feel like a lost child.

Her rash running ahead is rewarded with an opening in the garden’s maze. A white, stone patio where there is a young boy reciting equations and doing homework. The boy’s face is familiar to Penelope. Felix Rush. Her brother, but not as she would expect him to be. When Lt Rush demands to know who this imposter is, confronting him with the fact that her twin would also be 21 years old and not 12, as he appears now. The boy only confesses that he was never very good with math, and though he is confined to a wheelchair, his touch is just as cold and draining as the sister Trill’s was.

Fierri and Annella have some catching up to do, in order to find their errant pilot the Major must attempt to use her empathetic abilities once more. Again, at first her sensations are of a familiar mind, this time it is her mother, Liane Winters is in some kind of distress. But this must be another trick of the unknown abductor’s. Annella presses past that and locates Penelope’s mind somewhere among the maze. Following that, there is only a momentary pause when Fierri spots a blinking red light along the ground of one direction. A guide to the exit perhaps? They can’t take it until they find Penelope. So the Major and the Engineer press deeper into the maze, eventually coming upon the white patio and their Pilot.

The strange springball makes another appearance. Prompting them towards the center, while the blinking red light urges them to the outer most edges. The crew decides to follow the red this time, reaching the end of the maze and waking up back in their ship.

But the ordeal is not quite over, as the intruder alert rings through Rebel Priscilla’s decks.

An internal scan of the ship provides information on Trolic waves, an energy associated with space and time distortions. The Major’s odd collection of knowledge offers them a guess as to what species might be behind their dreamlike imprisonment. The Devidians are a race that exists out of sync with standard time. They also feed on neural energy of other sentient lifeforces. Amoral beings, without ties or care, the sport of inflicting fear into it’s victim is a perfect fit for what the crew has experienced so far.

They continue searching the ship until the alien intruder is found. Fierri is the first to spot the true form of the white energy humanoid. It is set on ripping through their cargo supplies, searching for something, but the Engineer doesn’t stop to ask what. She shoots at the Devidian, and as it turns it’s attention to her instead, the Major and Penelope show up as backup.

It takes a lot of phaser fire to defeat the Devidian. Banishing him by blasting him away.

But even after his final moments, the crew is uneasy and not sure if he is truly gone. They return to the main computer on the bridge to perform a second scan of the ship. This time, they meet the final unknown passenger they’ve been carrying all the while. The Rebel Priscilla AI. She informs her crew that there is no longer a threat from any intruders, however when Penelope attempts to lay in a new course, Priscilla relates that their next destination has already been programmed.

They will go to the planet Regulon. Under the orders of the presumably deceased Colonel Nylor Moris.

Episode 4: Interlude
Encrypted Personal Log of Nylor Morris

I guess if you’re listening to this, it means things have gone wrong….

I’m sorry for what happened. You have to believe me when I say, it’s not for nothing. The charges laid against you were a part of a much larger operation underway. Our reputation was sacrificed for the Federation’s need. There is a bigger threat in this sector than the Cardassians, the Romulans, or the Klingons….

Your mission, eliminate the planet Regulon by any means necessary.

Good luck team.


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