Star Trek: 31 Pickup

Epilogue: Penelope Rush

post campaign survey with Spencer

BOLD is GM questions
Regular font is Player answers

1. Have you had any previous experience roleplaying, if so, what kind and how did it compare to this style? What did you like about skype based roleplay, what was strange about it?

Yes! I’ve played in many tabletops, LARPs and journal RPs. The difference in doing an audio-only Skype RP (compared to tabletop) is always that you can only use your voice to enact your character — so instead of being able to act out body language, you have to describe it. That said, I don’t think it was a noticeable barrier.

2. Tell me about your initial character concepts, how did that change during gameplay? What did you get to explore about your character, and what would you like to have explored more?

The most basic concept for my character was the “hot-shot pilot.” That morphed into me essentially playing female Jim Kirk for awhile, when it came to personality. But as the story grew, and the DM prompted us to think of an important family memory, I wanted to tie that story element to my character’s dark secret (genetic manipulation), and it resulted in me having a much richer character. Plus, it was great to figure out how Penelope talked by simply doing things like arguing with Fierri, or flirting with a giant lizard on the dance floor. I loved exploring her brash and headstrong way of doing things, and I would love liked to explore more of her vulnerabilities. For example, a villain taking advantage of the fact that Penelope does like to run into situations without thinking, guns blazing. That could get her into serious trouble.

3. Where do you see this character going next?

I don’t know why, but I feel like Penelope might have a thing for the Colonel. I think she’s going to stick with him and the crew. :D



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